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Primary Care Team Offers At Home Medical Senior Health Care in Meridian, ID


 Primary Care Team Offers At Home Medical Senior Health Care in Meridian, ID
Primary Care Team Offers At Home Medical Senior Health Care in Meridian, ID
When considering a move to a residential care facility for yourself or a loved one, it is often assumed that all basic medical care is included. For some facilities it is, but for many others, anything more than: 
● hygiene 
● basic nutrition 
● socialization 
is not included on a consistent basis. That is why Dr. Dan Allen established At Home Medical Providers and why he cares so much about the breadth of his care. He and his team offer primary care services to elderly assisted living patients around the Treasure Valley to help by improving patient outcomes with access to primary care. 
Part of improving access is improving affordability, so
we accept Medicare.

Coordinating Assisted Living Care with a Primary Care Physician

A general medical practitioner has a lot to offer senior patients in residential facilities. Some common medical benefits we offer with our services include:
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Maintaining organized medical records.
This is especially helpful if you see multiple medical specialists. Having one doctor who routinely interacts with you can ensure your medical network is in unison. 
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Observing your general health.
When you have consistent contact with the same medical professionals assessing changes in your health (Telehealth is a great way to do this!), it is more likely that you will benefit from early detection, possibly reducing symptoms and increasing odds of successful treatment.
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Reducing risk of hospitalization.
As in the point above, when a primary care team blends with assisted living services, you are significantly decreasing your chance of hospitalization and, more importantly, reducing readmission rates (Source) since physicians like Dr. Allen can identify potential health complications and address them before they become severe. Even wound care can be handled outside of a hospital setting. 
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Improving accessibility and saving time.
Set aside the frustration and cost of transportation to a traditional primary care appointment at a doctor's office. You can stay right where you are with the proper medical staff coming to you or following up with a telehealth visit. 
These are just a few reasons why a primary care provider independent from your assisted living facility can revolutionize your healthcare and increase your quality of life. Similar effects are seen for those who engage primary care as part of in-home services for seniors and disabled patients, so take a look at our page about at-home medical care to learn about more advantages. 

We accept Medicare and most insurances

If you are considering an assisted living home, or if you already reside in one, Dr. Dan Allen and the team at At Home Medical Providers are here to support you. We love helping our patients increase their wellbeing. *Note*: While our main services concern elderly patients, we also serve younger, disabled patients in residential assisted living. Please call (208) 286-8670 or Contact Us today so we can get started together. We travel to Meridian, Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Star, Eagle, ID, and the whole Treasure Valley. 
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