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At-Home or Assisted Living Care in Meridian for Chronic Conditions

At-Home or Assisted Living Care in Meridian for Chronic Conditions
At-Home or Assisted Living Care in Meridian for Chronic Conditions
According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 6 in 10 American adults have a chronic condition, while 4 in 10 of those with chronic disease have 2 or more such conditions. (Source) These numbers are not specific to our aging population, either, which is where Dr. Dan Allen and At Home Medical Providers spend the majority of our time. This also means that chronic conditions among our senior citizen community are likely even higher. 

So how do we begin to manage what appears to be such an unmanageable medical problem? For our skilled staff, it starts with primary care services in and around Meridian, Idaho.

Please note that we do accept Medicare. 

Primary Physician | At Home Care Boise
Primary Physician | At Home Care Boise
Older patients with chronic conditions may be those who most readily see the medical benefits of a primary care team. Chronic illnesses are incurable, but not untreatable. Chronic conditions also tend to flare-up and subside, changing the course of treatment. 

If you do not have a reliable, local primary care doctor, you run the risk of: 
  • Having to re-explain your condition and past treatments to a new healthcare provider every time you need to adjust your treatment. 
  • Having an unfamiliar primary doctor make changes that don't align with your established care plan, disrupting continuity of care.
  • Having your chronic condition worsen because you do not have convenient care for it. 
If you work with At Home Medical Providers, however, Dr. Daniel Allen can be that reliable primary care provider, and his team can help ensure you receive the consistent care you need, whether through a  visit or a telehealth appointment. 

Whether it's kidney disease, obesity, or hypertension, chronic illness can drastically affect your life; but you don't have to face it alone and in misery. The medical professionals with At Home Medical Providers can walk you through your medical care plan, adjusting therapeutic techniques as your condition varies.

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